A Message from the Principal

These next few months are going to be really busy.  We will begin our state testing for third, fourth, and fifth graders on March 27th through April 26th. I am asking that you make all doctor, dentist or any other appointments on Fridays because it makes it very difficult to re-test for those who are absent.   With our four-day week, a child who misses one day only of course, he/she is sick.  Just so you know, I am required to send out letters regarding attendance after four absences, eight absences, and then at 12 absences.  After eight absences, we have the option of not excusing absences and we can require a doctor’s note every time your child is absent.  After 12absences, your child will be referred to our Director of Student Services and he can begin truancy proceedings.  I have sent parents to court for truancy and it is not something I enjoy doing.  However, our district is very strict about attendances and this can happen.  Basically, it is simple.  Your child cannot learn if they are not at school.  Your child will not value education if he sees that his/her parent doesn’t value it.  Let’s continue to work together to insure that your child gets the best education he/she can get.  Tardies have become a big issue.  This Monday we had 15 students who arrived to school tardy.  Just a reminder, school starts at 7:45.  Children arriving after 7:45 are considered tardy.  From now on, if your child is tardy, we will require them to come in for recess to make up work they missed.  Four tardies also constitutes one absence.  We, the teachers and I, are here for your.  Please let us know how we can help you to help your child.  We want everyone to succeed.  My door is always open and I am just a phone call away.


Mrs. Avalos