Counselor’s Corner-Mrs. Roskey




OFF AND RUNNING TO A NEW SCHOOL YEAR-A welcome back to one and all, it’s so nice to see everyone again after that long summer.  I missed seeing all our great Avondale students and families! As many of you know, I am here part time Monday-Thursday from 7:30-12:30.


According to a recent study, kids whose parents value kindness over achievement tend to do better in school than kids from families where academic success matters above all else.  In fact, putting pressure on your child to score high marks can have the opposite effect.  It can cause his grades and self-esteem to suffer, and lead to depression and anxiety.  But when parents promote kindness and respect, students tend to perform better in class.  This may be because they feel more secure and know their parents’ approval doesn’t hinge on their getting good grades.  To show your child how much you value respect and kindness:

  • Demonstrate courtesy: When talking to others-from neighbors to the cashier at the grocery store-let your child see you being positive.  Say please and thank you. Be respectful. These may seem like small things, but they make a big impression
  • Praise positive behavior: When you notice your child doing something nice or loving, let him know!  There’s no need to go overboard, though.  A simple pat on the back will remind them how much you value kindness
  • Promote healthy relationships: Encourage your child to connect with his teachers and classmates. The more support they get from those around them, the less they’ll depend on things like grades and awards to help them feel good about themselves.
  • Source: L. Ciciolla and Othes, “When Mothers and Fathers Are Seen as Disproportionately Valuing Achievemnts, ”  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Spinger US.

THANK YOU– Thank you for staying in communication with us here at school when there are concerns at home.  This helps us to help your child if they are going through a struggle.  Knowing what’s going on enables us to better understand what’s going on if your child is upset or distracted.  I am here most days from 7:30-12:30 Call me…..