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MAY 14, 2018




As part of the math adoption, all of our elementary classroom teachers will be attending an intensive two-day implementation training provided by the Math Learning Center.  This training will be held on May 30th and May 31st.  As a result, the last day of school for all elementary students who attend a District 70 elementary school will be Tuesday, May 29th.   Middle school and high school, as well as charter schools’, schedules will remain as planned.


  • Field trip policy: We do not allow siblings to go on field trips. Please take this opportunity to spend time with your individual child. We try very hard to invite our parents to be a part of their child’s field trip experience, but we are asking that you respect our policy by not taking other siblings out of school to attend a brother or sister’s field trip.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


  • Birthday celebrations will be held on Thursday, May 17th.


  • The fifth grade graduation will be held on Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:00 p.m. We will have a short ceremony and refreshments will be served.  Students will receive their awards at this ceremony. Fifth graders are going to Elitchs’ on the last day of school.


  • The last day for students is May 29th. Awards assemblies for Kindergarten through fourth grade will be held on this day.  Please see the schedule below.


  • Field day also known as  ‘Fun Filled Day’ will be held on Thursday, May 24th.  If the weather is bad, we do not have another day to reschedule it.  Let’s hope for good weather.  We are still seeking more parent volunteers to run stations.  If you plan to eat lunch here, please call the office to order a lunch asap.


  • Year book signing: We will be signing yearbooks on May 24th (Field Day) right after the staff and fifth grade kick ball game.  We will come in from outside and sign yearbooks at approximately 1:15 p.m.  I know some people like to take their child home early, but please know that this is time designated to signing yearbooks.


  • Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day. No school on this day.




  • Awards Assembly Schedule for Tuesday, May 29, 2018

                  Kindergarten, First and Second grades:  8:30 9:45 a.m.

                  Third and fourth grade:  10:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m.





Summer Lunch Program

Summer Lunch Program 2018

Hey Kids!

Enjoy Free Meals at

School this Summer!




Adults pay just $2.50





1132 LANE 36

11:00 a.m. ~ 12:30 p.m.



11:30 a.m. ~ 12:30 p.m.


484 South Maher Dr.

11:00 a.m. ~ 12:30 p.m.

Question? Call District 70 Nutrition Service At


The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) helps kids get the nutrition

they need to learn, play and grow during the summer when school is out.

We are offering a used book library and other games and activities

on site for fun-filled family activities.


Last Day for Kindergarten-5th Grade Students

The last day for kindergarten-5th grade students is Tuesday, May 29th.  IT IS A FULL DAY.  As part of the math adoption all of our elementary classroom teachers will be attending an intensive two-day implementation training provided by the Math Learning Center.  This training will be held on May 30th and May 31st.  As a result, the last day of school for all elementary students who attend a District 70 elementary school will be Tuesday, May 29th.  Middle school and high school, as well as charter schools’ schedules will remain the same.

Literacy Testing

Literacy testing will be held on Wednesday, May 9th and Thursday, May 10th.  Therefore, we do not have school.  However, you will need to bring your child in for literacy testing.  The testing usually takes 20 minutes to one-half hour.  Your teacher will be sending home a note next week informing you when your child will need to be tested.  Please make every effort to bring your child to testing.  We must test every child to see the progress your child has made throughout the year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office.  We will make every effort to accommodate your working schedule.

Box Tops for Education

Please remember to continue to save Box Tops for Education all summer.  You will see them on lots of things you purchase from the store from cereal to trash bags.  For each box top brought in, the school receives 10 cents.  That doesn’t sound like a lot but it sure does add up.  Remember, when you throw on away, it is like throwing a dime away.  I don’t know anyone who throws dines in the trash can.

Field Trips

Every year we try to make field trips special for our students.  We start small.  For example, our pre-school and kindergarten go to the City Park Zoo and enjoy the rides at the park.  We then try to make the field trips a little more exciting as the students get older and can handle more.  We believe it is your time to bond with that child and we, therefore, ask that you do not take their sibling(s) unless it is a child who is not in school yet.  They will all have a chance to experience these field trips as they get older.  In addition, we cannot have students miss a day of instruction to go on a field trip that is not designated for them.  I will try very hard to make sure that I do not schedule two field trips on the same day as that can cause a problem for parents.  Only students whose class is going on the field trip can ride the bus.   As a school, we also made a rule that students will not be allowed to go to the Gift Shop.  We had to make this rule as we had children steal from the gift shops in the past.  This is very upsetting to all of us and it causes children to be disciplined.  This rule keeps students from being “tempted”.  If a parent drives to the field trip and would like to take their child home with them you can take them to the gift shop AFTER the bus leaves.  Teachers have forms for parents who would like to take their children home and this releases the school of any and all liability.

Where are they now?

I enjoy watching what our former students are doing in school.  We had several inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at Vineland Middle School recently.  The following former Avondale Elementary students were inducted this year:

Cinthia Arreola-Castandea, Emily Crouch, Sienna Duran, Kayleigh Larkins, Gianna Manzanares, Nayeley Martinez-Plancarte, Victoria Teschner

We know these students will continue on the path of academic success


From Mrs. Avalos

There are only fourteen instructional days left with students so we are really pushing the students to work to the very end. This was an incredibly busy year and maybe that’s why it seemed to go by so quickly.  We are going to miss our fifth-grade students when the move on.  They have been a great class and it has been an exceptionally great year with them. You should be very proud of your fifth- grade child.  I believe we have prepared them well and they are ready for the challenge of middle school.  I believe we had a very good year and a lot of learning took place.  I am very proud of the children here at Avondale and we receive a lot of compliments about our children from substitutes.  We also receive compliments when our children go on field trips.  We will be taking field trips this next month so along with this newsletter is calendar for the month of May to inform you of all the events taking place for these next few weeks.  THANK YOU FOR AN INCREDIBLE YEAR!


This year is going fast.  I know I say this every year, but……every year seems to go faster and faster.  This is my fourteenth year here at Avondale and I can honestly say its been a great journey.  I love the students and I enjoy and appreciate working with all of my parents.  You are the best, because you genuinely care about your child/ren.

Colorado All-State Choir

Saturday, January 28th, six of our students auditioned and were selected to perform for the Colorado All State Choir at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.  We are fortunate to have Mrs. Teschner, our music teacher, as she is one of a few Pueblo teachers who participate in this wonderful event.  Approximately 400 students from throughout the state of Colorado came together and performed some very difficult music pieces before an audience of approximately 1,000 people.  Augustus Crouch, Amilia Gallegos, Troy Spedilari, Hannah Sais, Shania Martinez, and Matthew Sigler represented Avondale Elementary.  They made us proud.  A special thank you to Mrs. Teschner for making this opportunity possible for our students

Student of the Month

November Students of the Month

  • Mrs. Wolf-Allie Martin
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Alicia Vaencia
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Fernanda Robles
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Lana Shafer
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Ryan Higgins
  • Mrs. Stevens-Alex Woods
  • Ms. Wells-Aiden Castro
  • Ms. Cruz-Gavin Miller
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Gelsey Zacarias


  • Mrs. Wolf-Esequiel Ripke
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Casey Ogle
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Aileen Cera Ortega
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Nico Pagels
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Zamira Candelaria
  • Mrs. Stevens-Cesar Lopez-Arreola
  • Ms. Wells-Megan Fields
  • Ms. Cruz-Fernando Claro-Margarito
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Dulce Alvarado-Leyva


  • Mrs. Wolf-Chuck Martinez
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Byanni Chacon
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Patience Castro
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Ava Mares
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Derrick Rovegno
  • Mrs. Stevens-Hailey Caddick
  • Ms. Wells-McKennan Stevens
  • Ms. Cruz-Sylvia Vigil
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Elijah Horton


  • Mrs. Wolf-Alena Montez
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Amelia Dufur
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Sydney Simpson
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Fernanda Garcia
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Bentley Shafter
  • Mrs. Stevens-Elijah Tafoya
  • Ms. Wells-Elias Nunez
  • Ms. Cruz-Autumn Virant
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Skylar Lutz


  • Mrs. Wolf-Steveylyn Franklin
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Judit Lopez-Arreola
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Diego Solano
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Brandon Vigil
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Kambree Wheaton
  • Mrs. Stevens-Natalya Carrera
  • Ms. Wells-Giovanni Pagels
  • Ms. Cruz-Ramona Garcia
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Zulma Pena