Student of the Month

November Students of the Month

  • Mrs. Wolf-Allie Martin
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Alicia Vaencia
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Fernanda Robles
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Lana Shafer
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Ryan Higgins
  • Mrs. Stevens-Alex Woods
  • Ms. Wells-Aiden Castro
  • Ms. Cruz-Gavin Miller
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Gelsey Zacarias


  • Mrs. Wolf-Esequiel Ripke
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Casey Ogle
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Aileen Cera Ortega
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Nico Pagels
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Zamira Candelaria
  • Mrs. Stevens-Cesar Lopez-Arreola
  • Ms. Wells-Megan Fields
  • Ms. Cruz-Fernando Claro-Margarito
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Dulce Alvarado-Leyva


  • Mrs. Wolf-Chuck Martinez
  • Mrs. Archuleta-Byanni Chacon
  • Mrs. O’Neil-Patience Castro
  • Mrs. Arteaga-Ava Mares
  • Mrs. Kopasz-Derrick Rovegno
  • Mrs. Stevens-Hailey Caddick
  • Ms. Wells-McKennan Stevens
  • Ms. Cruz-Sylvia Vigil
  • Mrs. Ortiviz-Elijah Horton



Starting January 8th, all students at Avondale Elementary will be eating FREE lunch.  If you were paying for your child’s lunch and had a balance, the balance was also deleted.  The reason this happened is because as a school we had the majority of parents fill out the lunch form online or a hard copy.  We are at the percentage rate where all students can eat free lunch.  That is why it is very important to fill out this form.  Our Title I funding is also affected by this.  Next year, we much have 100% of parents filling out the form so that we can continue to have free lunch for all students.

Birthday Celebrations

Please remember that birthdays are only celebrated on the second Thursday of every month.  There may be a month or two that we are not in school on the second Thursday as such in May due to literacy testing.  We will then celebrate birthdays on the third Thursday of that month. You can bring wrapped, store bought treats at 2:30 PM


The end of second quarter was December 21st.  Your child will be taking home their report cards next week.  We will be having parent-teacher conferences on January 17th and January 18th in the evenings for parents whose child is struggling and may not be working on grade level.  Remember, that you can log into Powerschool (an internet based program) and see your child’s grades throughout the year.  I encourage parents to do this so there are no surprises.  If you are not sure about how to use Powerschool, you may call Sandy and she will help you.  Not all parents will be conferencing this time, but if you would like a conference, and did not get a notice from your child’s teacher, please call the office and we can schedule one for you.



Students are required to read 20 minutes a day at home.  We will no longer allow them time to read their AR books at school.  We need that time for computer work.  They are only allowed to take AR tests at school but all reading for AR needs to be done at home.  This is part of their grade as well so please make sure they do this as homework.  Students who make their AR goal three out of the four quarters will be able to participate in the end of the year AR celebration.  Make sure your child works hard to meet this goal so that they can participate.  It is a lot of fun for the students.